Comic for Tuesday, Mar 18, 2003


Posted March 18, 2003 at 1:00 am

- "Claire"

*Falls out of chair in shock.*

Oof. Sorry about that.

I like how Brownie is sniffing at Grace in a stereotypical "the animal knows who they are by smell" sort of way when, at this point in the comic, the two had never met before. I also like that Brownie is only mildly perplexed by Grace changing, if that meow is even in regard to that. It's possible she just wants pats.

Back in ye olde 2003 days, I was still figuring out what greys to use for greyscale. I think I had some sort of palette back then, but it wasn't the same one I have now, and default human Grace wound up with a very bright grey for her skin (231 RGB, or 91% brightness). Nowadays, I would use a somewhat darker grey (208 RGB, or 82% brightness).

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