Comic for Wednesday, Mar 19, 2003


Posted March 19, 2003 at 1:00 am

 "Hey Dan! Is that form in the last panel ever likely to show up again!"

Nope! In fact, it's entirely possible that I'm so paranoid and worry-prone that I may edit this comic at some point to leave out the actor's name.


Also, the more time passes, the stranger it seems that Tedd would have chosen that form for his test run.

"Hey, yeah. What year does this take place in, anyway?"

20XY, in which X = some number and Y equals another number that may or may not be the same number.

"Um, that's not really an ans--"

ANYWAY! Clone forms. There a huge deal in the comic's lore for a lot of reasons, and those reasons will gradually be revealed as the comic progesses.

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