Comic for Monday, Mar 17, 2003


Posted March 17, 2003 at 1:00 am

So very, very mysterious.

Ellen's hair, I mean. I guess she cut it shorter on her right side.

Also, her shirt! I'd forgotten about that shirt. It's an interesting design, and I'm wondering if I could make it work well in my modern style. That should probably happen sometime soon.

I find it a bit odd that Claire's bag says "lollipops" on it, but that could well make sense, actually. I vaguely recall there being a candy store I used to go to in which you could fill up bags with treats and be charged by weight. I may not be remembering it correctly, as that was a LONG time ago, but maybe the store had something like that for lollipops, and the bags for it were labeled as such?

Or maybe I'm putting waaaaaaay too much thought into a bag of candy.

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