Comic for Monday, Mar 24, 2014


Posted March 24, 2014 at 1:01 am

- I guess she liked the first book
- Third time

The third panel analogy gives me chills.

This comic was originally going to be much simpler for me to make. Fox Rhoda wasn't going to be looking out the window while on the filing cabinet in the background, Sarah was only going to be in the first panel, and Nanase wasn't going to be in it at all.

That's generally how it goes, though. I write a script that implies really simple visuals, then I decide I want something going on in the background or something, and suddenly the simple comic becomes one of the most complicated ever.

Granted, this comic wasn't actually too bad in that sense. It was just more than I'd bargained for, resulting in "I have way more time than I need to finish this comic on time" famous last words.

In any case, I think there need to be more female-to-male transformations in the future. Generally not as over-the-top muscular as Sarah is in this comic, just in general.