Comic for Thursday, Mar 14, 2013


Posted March 14, 2013 at 1:00 am

- Yeah, Elliot, that's totally not relevant to your relationship stuff.

I'm restraining myself from making the next comic just six panels of Elliot screaming about the shampoo that must have gotten into his eyes after that last panel.

There are way too many comics I could link to that would be good reference comics for Susan and Elliot doing stuff together that would be applicable, but heck, just look at them at the start of this storyline.

Panel four could so easily be cut from this comic and we wouldn't lose anything from a story perspective, but darn it, I will defend that panel's existence to the ends of the Earth. We're looking into Elliot's head here, and minds are like that. Well, my mind is like that, anyway. I'm betting yours is, too! Unless it's not, but that would just be crazy. Who can possibly concentrate on one thing for more than a minute at a time?