Comic for Monday, Nov 26, 2012


Posted November 26, 2012 at 1:00 am
Steve-like things include liking Star Trek and solving problems with explosives.

I'm not sure if Elliot knows the real quote or not. "Alas, poor Yorick" feels like common knowledge to me, but I've heard it parodied so many times that I can't help but remember it. That, and they made me read Shakespeare stuff in Junior High, too. When I hear characters quote Shakespeare, I can't help but think "congratulations. You paid attention in middle school."

Of course, that's not entirely fair. Quoting something accurately and in the proper context is a form of communication and can be indicative of a decent intelligence. On the other hand, it can also just mean they memorized a quote. I suppose what one does with a quote is more important than the quote itself, making them somewhat similar to leashed badgers.

Anyway, this comic marks the beginning of Part II of There Be Whales Here. I wasn't sure whether I'd be giving this storyline parts or not, but I figure if a storyline's got enough comics, separate parts make it easier to navigate later on, so... PART II! Insert rock guitar solo here.