Comic for Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012


Posted August 14, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Risking life to kick the enemy--Er, save them

Elliot, you fool! One does not encourage the grumpy face!

*Erhem* Anyway, I agree with the general policy of not judging the customer's purchase unless they ask OR you have a darn good reason. In the case of something as subjective as a movie, there aren't many reasons I can think of to question their purchase.

Granted, Elliot was actually trying to help. Generally speaking, the cashiers who have given me unsolicited judgements of my entertainment purchases have simply been irritating. "What, you're buying THAT game? I don't see the appeal."

The next time that happens, I should just agree with them, walk out without buying it, and get it somewhere else. My having to drive elsewhere and buy it from a place that's probably not as good a deal because I would have gone there first if it was will show them!