Comic for Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012


Posted August 15, 2012 at 1:00 am
Oh yeah. Elliot's a HUGE movie geek.

Incidentally, while the date says "Wednesday" above the comic, this is actually a Thursday comic. I just messed up the date when uploading it, so it got posted a little early and I'm too horribly lazy to change the date of it while somehow not being too lazy to explain the circumstances that resulted in this date confusion.

Product Placement

I personally don't have a problem with product placement when it's used responsibly. For example, there's an episode of Burn Notice where the protagonist uses a real life GPS system. I thought it was actually a fun little moment in context, and assuming the commentary for that episode is to be believed, it's how they could afford to blow up a whole bunch of cars later in episode.

...Wait, did I just reference a DVD commentary in one of my comic commentaries? The sad thing is, this probably isn't the first time I've done that