Comic for Monday, Oct 3, 2011


Posted October 3, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Neanderthal!
- "Gary"
- Aw...

I picked both the names Gary and Grant without giving any thought to all the names starting with "G" that were showing up, but once it dawned on me, well... this was inevitable.

Now, I've attempted to show why Nanase has decided that a non-neanderthal girlfriend is better than a neanderthal one. In case it's not clear, allow me to make it so THROUGH THE POWER OF AUTHORIAL INTENT!

You see, my intention was never for Nanase to reach this conclusion by virtue of her experiences on this date with Ellen showing some sweetness and levelheadedness or anything line. The actual reason, of course, is the invisible monkey that is constantly whispering into her ear.

What's that? You didn't see any invisible monkey in the comics? Well, of COURSE you didn't. It's invisible. Might I continue?

Anyway, the monkey dished out some super awesome advice to Nanase regarding the value of a girlfriend who doesn't like to club things, and also told Nanase it would give her fifty bucks to hug Ellen. Loving money even more than Scrooge McDuck (scientifically impossible, but there's magic in this universe), Nanase decided to go along with it.

Don't like that explanation? That's fine, because really, screw authorial intent. Interpret the comics and stories however you see fit ^_^