Comic for Wednesday, Sep 7, 2011


Posted September 7, 2011 at 1:00 am
BEWARE. I LIVE. *erhem* Excuse me. On to this comic's commentary...

- Obligatory volleyball Grace

I'm not sure how Grace managed to get both Sarah and Susan to see what was evidently a run of the mill chick flick, but she was apparently successful. Then again, mayhaps Sarah protested too much in early comics given her reading interests.

WAIT A MINUTE! This raises an important question... what the hell does "run of the mill" mean? Do mills run? What makes them average? Am I even using that expression properly? Hang on a minute.

Surfing the web, riding waves of information... Singing these words, like a rock & roll solo....

Okay. I guess it just refers to general mass-produced stuff and "mill" could be replaced with almost anything in its contemporary usage so long as its in reference to a something that's outputting a product or service.

Do trees count? They produce fruit. Could I say "run of the tree" apples? I'm not sure what point that would seve. It pretty much applies to any apples, really. Even genetically engineered ones would presumably still grow on trees. I'm just wondering if that's technically correct.