Comic for Friday, Mar 18, 2011


Posted March 18, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Dex introduction
- Dex HD
- A great battle / Previous scene with George

The reason Dex is providing the time for us is simply because I wanted to do something different from the standard narration saying what time it is in the comic's story. That, and those eyes have been begging for an extreme closeup.

Drawing Dex is a little weird, actually, because he doesn't look on-model to me until there are shadows over his eyes, and that's pretty much the last step in my character-drawing process. It adds a bit of suspense to the process when I'm not sure if he's going to look right until the end.

I worked off of a reference guide I recently made for George while drawing this comic, and while I feel I'm not done improving on his design (I believe I will be claiming Thursday was simply a bad hair day for George), I do think it helped the consistency of his design within this particular comic. The fact that it finally occurred to me to use a grid as an additional guide when sketching didn't hurt.