Comic for Wednesday, Mar 17, 2010


Posted March 17, 2010 at 1:00 am
And here we are, finally at--wait, what? No! What's he doing here?! This storyline was supposed to amount to nothing but observational humor about shopping at huge Swedish furniture outlets! Get out of here, you blonde androgynous interloper! Go play Final Fantasy X or something!

*Sigh* Well, so long as he's here, I may as well talk about Noah. Noah was first introduced in an EGS:NP storyline that is considered canon. He has subsequently appeared in I think one story comic and a few sketchbook entries.

I believe it to be a virtual unanimous opinion that he was introduced too soon. Considering he was introduced in 2004 and is only just now in 2010 doing more than acting as a background character, I would say that's fair.

Of course, it was supposed to be later in 2010! Noah, you jerk! You've ruined what could have been the most Seinfeld-esque EGS storyline ever!