Comic for Monday, Mar 15, 2010


Posted March 15, 2010 at 1:00 am
See? An exciting, observational adventure about shopping awaits us! I look forward to Elliot monologuing about what the various deals are with Swedish furniture.

Clearly there is a quick time jump between panels one and two, if not between the previous comic and this one. Quick edits that make the appearance of diagrams seem instantaneous is far more amusing to me.

Speaking of things that are implied, it is worth noting that I''m not bothering to provide exposition as to why Elliot is being told to go to Swedekea alone. I could easily provide exposition that would explain that Ellen has a prior commitment or will be helping out in some other way at the time, but not only are few people likely to care in the long run, it would mess up the pacing and sound like I'm setting up a b-story. This storyline has no b-story; we're sticking with Elliot right up to the end of it.

It is also worth nothing that if this was a year ago, I probably would be providing that exposition. There'd probably be an entire comic about it, and I'd spend the rest of the storyline banging my head against the wall every time someone asked when they'd get to see that thing Ellen was up to ^^;