Comic for Friday, Apr 18, 2008


Posted April 18, 2008 at 1:00 am
"Awakenings" most likely is some manner of word, but hey, Mr. Raven is a history teacher. He don’t need to speak English good.! …ok, he does, but I enjoy his mocking my title.

This cover harkens back to ye olde days of EGS when there would be exciting splash pages for certain storylines and arcs. I don’t intend to have a cover for every part of this story arc, but I felt it needed to at least begin with one.

Why is Catalina a cat girl on this cover? Is this some incredible sign of what awaits us within this story arc?! Or did I just want to draw her as a cat girl? YOU DECIDE! …once you’ve read the story and it’s decided for you.