Comic for Friday, Oct 10, 2014


Posted October 10, 2014 at 1:13 am

 - Inspired by the Playing With Dolls EGS:NP storyline
- In particular, this comic

Third milestone! I was gonna save the final milestone sketchbook for later in the month, but I wanted to draw this. So I did. It now exists.

I do have a fondness for cartoon characters with absurdly large hips, and I think censorship is partially to blame for that. It's my understanding that when curvy female characters were being designed for cartoons, there were commonly attributes that could be accentuated without the censors freaking out, and other attributes that would.

Chest area? "Keep things modest, you weirdo animators! GAWD you guys are weird!"

Hip area? "Whatever. Use massive circles as your template for all we care."

Granted, I don't 100% know that was the case for certain, but I have heard that said and it seems to add up.