Comic for Thursday, May 20, 2010


Posted May 20, 2010 at 1:00 am
...Can I say ANYTHING down here that wouldn't feel like I was explaining the joke? Anything? I could talk about something completely different. That wouldn't be explaining the joke.

Okay... I know! Did you know that--wait, I plan to use that in the next storyline comic commentary. Um... hm.

OH! Did you guys hear about that Disney movie they're making called Tangled? Yeah, it's inspired by Rapunzel and was originally going to be called that, but they changed the name in an attempt to appeal to a wider demographic based on the theory that The Princess And The Frog underperformed due to having a girly title (in spite of doing well, it apparently didn't do as well as expected).

Given that they're concerned about the young male market, I guess that makes sense, but I actually like "Tangled" over "Rapunzel". It's not like the movie will be a faithful retelling of the original. "Tangled" gives it a fractured fairy tales sort of feel that I find appropriate and fun. Knowing why they changed it sort of diminishes that, but on it's own, Tangled sounds more fun than Rapunzel.