Comic for Saturday, Jun 10, 2023


Posted June 10, 2023 at 12:00 am

Half-Awake Daydream: Susan and Catalina

Susan was experimenting with twenty minute power naps. 

Her expectation was not to actually sleep, but to enter a state of near sleep in which she could rest her mind and body for a bit. Her understanding was it would give her more energy for the rest of the day.

It didn't take long for her mind to wander. It leapt from one thought to another, and she went in and out of dream-like states. She wasn't quite dreaming, but she was vividly imagining things without much conscious direction.

About ten minutes in, she was imagining herself being close with Catalina with arms around one another. Ever since Susan learned that Catalina was interested in her romantically, she had experienced a mixture of curiosity and regret for not reciprocating.

Some part of Susan's mind thought of Rhoda, Catalina's girlfriend. In Susan's current state of mind, thinking of Rhoda did not interrupt what Susan was imagining, nor did it introduce Rhoda to the scenario.

Somehow, thinking of Rhoda simply modified how she pictured herself and Catalina, each becoming closer in height and figure to Rhoda.

When Susan's alarm suddenly alerted her to it having been twenty minutes, Susan's face was red. She wasn't entirely certain she would have more energy for the day, but at the very least, it was an interesting experience.