Comic for Friday, Feb 24, 2023


Posted February 24, 2023 at 12:00 am

Kitty Gal Pals Doing Gal Pal Things on Patreon

Things escalated quickly after Sarah proposed the possibility that having cat ears and tails would somehow make belly rubs feel better.

She was, of course, correct.


What follows is just boring schedule stuff, so for anyone who wants to stop reading the commentary here, I leave you with the note that they will also be testing ear scratching.

I'm aiming for Friday sketchbooks at the moment. One might fairly find this odd, because story comics are on Friday, so that could potentially result in very busy Thursdays if not done in advance! 

The things is, though, I want to have Thursday early access on Patreon. This means the *actual* day I want them done for is Thursday. This makes Friday being the public date easier.

And just in case anyone's wondering, Sunday is off the table, as even if done in advance, just checking in for announcements and the like would throw off the flow of my weekends.

(Granted, the goal is to have these done before even Wednesday, but things, and getting distracted by shiny objects, happen, so Friday's still the optimal day for these.)