Comic for Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017


Posted October 31, 2017 at 1:00 am

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Poll description - Squirrel girl Grace trick treating as a pirate captain. Yes, you read that correctly  

This is also being posted as a Halloween sketchbook, as I've decided it's absurdly silly to not put the less risque milestone images here when they're not all necessarily "pinups" anymore.

My priority is catching up on Milestone images and even some images specifically meant to be Sketchbooks, however, so I'm not going back and looking through past images just yet. For the time being, I'll just be making sketchbooks of new milestone images I'm comfortable with as I make them.

Commentary specific to Trick or Grace!

In my infinite wisdom, I started production on several other milestone images on Saturday, but waited until today, the 30th, to start work on this milestone image I'd vowed to have done by the 31st. BRILLIANT!

Anyway, YAR, 'tis Pirate Captain Grace! She's gonna be king of the pirates! You can tell she's smart, because she's using a freshly cleaned pillow case for trick or treating!

And yes, I feel it absolutely necessary to specify that it is a freshly cleaned pillow case.