Comic for Monday, Mar 23, 2015


Posted March 23, 2015 at 1:39 am

Requested by Brian - 120% sized Tedd with 75% sized Sarah and an assortment of other various morphs

This was a complicated sketchbook to wrap my head around. There were a lot of specific partial morphs for various parts of the body that went from head to toe on both Sarah and Tedd. Squirrel and mouse ears, Jeremy hands, Werewolf hands, webbed feet, bunny feet, cow tail, fairy doll tail, Tedd a little heavier, etc.

The main thing, really, was that there was a bit size difference and they needed to be shown from head to toe somehow (and Sarah's midriff needed to be visible, as "semi-muscular torso" was part of it). Ultimately, the best solution I could think of was more shipping fuel that may or may not cause riots in the streets given the absence of Grace. 

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