Comic for Thursday, Jun 16, 2011


Posted June 16, 2011 at 1:00 am
I mentioned in a recent comic how I've been reducing Greg's height over time. Eventually, I just have to say "he's short enough", or this is where we'll wind up. Of course, I think 6'6" is definitely short enough.

...Then again, that IS an awful lot taller than Justin... people might start to think Justin is short. I'd better make him at most 6'2", but then again, that might make Elliot look short. Maybe a sold 6'0"? Nah, that'd make him equal with Justin, and there needs to be a definite difference between the two. Six inches would probably be enough.

Okay, so Greg's final height is 5'6"! Of course, now he's not much taller than anyone... wait, wait, he's taller than Rhoda. She's like, what, 5'0"? That makes Greg half a foot taller! ...Which is a bit too much...

Hang on a second, this is getting complicated. Allow me to consult my flow chart...


Okay, based on all the data I've compiled, Gregs real real for REALS final height should be about 3'3", which is EXACTLY how tall he is in this sketchbook! Hooray! Glad that's settled. Be on the lookout for future appearances of Greg with his new and improved height.