Comic for Wednesday, Nov 24, 2010


Posted November 24, 2010 at 1:00 am
For those of you who don't read the news section on the front page (everyone but Kevin), I hope to have the next story comic ready for Thursday. I was going to only have two story comics this week either way because of Thanksgiving, but I've changed the order of the days due to the double whammy of writer's block and sickness.

I mean, I can stumble my way through a dialogue-based writer's block if I know where the story's headed (I do), and if I have a script, I can work through feeling sick. Having the block AND being sick? That... that's a problem, there...

This is one of those situations when the fun way to write an ongoing strip, i.e. working off of an outline and writing the dialogue as I go, bites me in the ass. Yes, it's less boring for me and it allows for more spontaneity of humor, but it also increases the possibility of ye olde unexpected writer's block.

Of course, with script rewrites and new ideas, writer's block is always a possible nemesis, but it's far more likely to strike if the dialogue isn't written in advance.

Anyway, in addition to me feeling sick earlier, this comic is inspired by me getting into arguments with my past and future selves. I was going to say getting into arguments with my present self, but I guess I'm always technically the present version of me.

That said: HEY! Future me! You suck!

Signed, past me (formerly present me)

EDIT: Hey!