Comic for Thursday, Aug 12, 2010


Posted August 12, 2010 at 1:00 am
Obviously inspired by this recent story comic.

In the commentary for that comic, I talked about how I once threatened to haunt someone. That inspired me to follow up on that joke by telling him that I was no longer going to haunt him if I got into a car crash, and would instead haunt Wil Wheaton in the hopes of being mentioned in his blog.

This got me thinking... if you could plan ahead and haunt any person or place of your choosing, who or where would you pick? I know there are obvious Tedd-like answers, such as a sorority or something, but there are so many more interesting possibilities.

There's also the manner of haunting. Friendly house ghost? Scary ghost? Unfriendly but has a heart of gold and secretly helps the person or residents of a place with their day to day lives ghost? Drum solo ghost?

In short, who or where would you haunt, and what sort of haunting would you do?