Comic for Monday, May 3, 2010


Posted May 3, 2010 at 1:00 am
My original scheme for this sketch was to draw the demonic duck on top of a cow. Then I realized I could draw a demonic cow instead, and that sounded more fun. So... I did. And here it is. For you to enjoy.


The comic that inspired this sketch is, of course, is this one.

This is not to suggest that the demonic cow of some sort from this sketch was in that field. That would be ridiculous. Demonic cows of some sort are only found in Texas, and though their migratory patterns suggest a northward expansion, it is hampered by thick brush and booming wild boar populations.

Your common wild boar is no match for a demonic cow of some sort, but their ranks are bolstered by mega hogs, AKA "epic hogs". They're level 80 bad asses who drop unique loot and get featured on those cryptozoology TV shows. You know, the ones that always end with "we didn't find anything conclusive this time, but it could still be out there for reals".

In any case, don't worry about the duck. Being the sort of magic that he is, he can just teleport away, and...


Wait, why exactly did he jump out of a moving vehicle again?