Comic for Thursday, Jan 24, 2002


Posted January 24, 2002 at 1:00 am

See? Much better. Now they’ve created a fund to get Sarah to wear a bikini! She’ll be adequately paid for… um… IT’S ONLY THE FOURTH COMIC.

“The Get Sarah To Wear a Bikini Fund” became a popular callback joke among readers, though not so much in the comic itself (how can characters frequently reference something non-canon in canon)? I don’t want to spoil anything (though I can’t imagine reading the commentaries while also reading the comic for the first time), but it’s entirely possible that, as of the time of my writing this years later, Sarah still has yet to appear in a bikini.

Incidentally, I’m curious to know what that sign’s made out of. The “sign” part of the side is clearly quite thick, and the wood it’s attached to appears to be some manner of uneven plank. No wonder they didn’t get funded.

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