Comic for Wednesday, Jan 23, 2002


Posted January 23, 2002 at 1:00 am

Tedd’s a bit of a jerk early on, mostly because I looked at popular culture at the time and thought to myself “THIS is what people will find amusing.”

Back in ye olde days of Dan in college, these first few strips actually showed up in the college newspaper, and I was told that someone on the staff didn’t like this comic. Someone else on staff was totally cool with it, however, on account of Sarah having hit Tedd. At the time, I was pretty defensive about it, but in retrospect. Yeeeeaaaah, I can’t really blame whoever didn’t like Tedd’s behavior here.

Fortunately, Elliot’s perfectly well behaved! All he’s doing is calling Sarah a prude for not… wearing… a bikini…

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