Comic for Friday, Apr 14, 2017


Posted April 14, 2017 at 2:34 am

- Cry heard from SPAAAAACE #1 (Catalina)
- Cry heard from SPAAAAACE #2 (Ravin)
- Cry heard from SPAAAAACE #3 (Elijah)
- Cry heard from SPAAAAACE #4 (Elijah and Grace

I'm sure however that sentence ended wasn't at all important.

I really didn't want to just come back to smoke and darkness and Pandora providing the only source of light in a way that confused people, plus there was tea to be had, so a change of scenery was definitely called for!

Granted, what that what was about obviously isn't going to be answered immediately, what with that sentence being cut off and going right to the what, so it's a safe bet the next comic will take place somewhere else and who knows if we'll ever even see this location again...

But that's beside the point! Tea is serious business.