Comic for Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017


Posted March 8, 2017 at 1:00 am

- Susan on camera

Ellen, nooooooo...!

And before anyone asks, Diane put her coat away in her locker. This is something that was within her power between comics, and spared me having to draw that darn coat again.

Also, I feel implied time passing helps with the fact that Diane and Ellen have switched places in-panel to better fit dialogue order, and Diane clearly having visited her locker helps sell that, but mostly I'm just tired of drawing that coat.

Describing new Jerry as Jerry's "regeneration" is something of a Doctor Who reference, which amuses me because I first learned about the numbered doctors and their regenerations in Doctor Who as a result of people contacting me after I introduced the whole immortal reset concept.

I wasn't 100% unfamiliar with Doctor Who prior to that, having seen a couple episodes of the ninth doctor and being aware that multiple actors had portrayed him over the years, but I had no idea about the canon explanation for the multiple doctors until I happened to do something similar enough to get asked about it.