Comic for Monday, Mar 6, 2017


Posted March 6, 2017 at 1:01 am

- Jerry's debt
- Zero punch man
- Diane is, indeed, at least somewhat aware of Jerry and Susan being owed a debt
- Santa Hat Guy / New Jerry's got NOTHING

And at the rate we're going, we'll see that Friday a year from now!

(Just kidding; We'rd past the exposition gauntlet of doom. Things will be going faster)

Apologies to all the Star Trek fans who rolled their eyes at the last panel, but don't blame Ellen! I assure you, she has no idea what she's done.

Granted, I barely know what the Neutral Zone is in Star Trek. I'm guessing it's a zone, and that it's neutral, but I vaguely recall people getting in trouble for being in it? That doesn't seem right. It's neutral. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, and they just got in trouble for seeming suspicious by being on the edge of it? It's been a while since I've watched any relevant TNG.

DS9, on the other hand, I've watched a TON of recently, because I was sick and Bashir / Garak scenes were the medicine I needed.

Oh, and I guess Diane and Susan are going to be arranging a meeting or something. Sorta like Romulans and Vulcans meeting, eh? Eh? Eh.