Comic for Monday, Mar 28, 2016


Posted March 28, 2016 at 1:01 am

VERY minor spoiler: The main reason I'm cutting back to here for a moment is because Tara is sharing things we already know about the white immortal. and this little intermission lets me cut back to that without any awkward narration and stuff.

Granted, part of me simply wanted to check in on these guys and address the matter of them being outside, but that part of me gets to be indulged because of that previously mentioned reason, so there.

As for the "begs the question" thing, I find the insistence on having it refer to circular reasoning peculiar. That requires an explanation just to understand, whereas "begs the question" in the context of being a somewhat more emphatic version of "raises the question" seems much more naturally implied to me.

In any case, feel free to agree or disagree (as though one needs my permission). Just please note that I am aware of, and not impressed by, the "correct" use of the expression.

Especially if on Twitter! There is a 140 character limit "Begs" is two characters fewer than "raises" and makes just as much sense in context and I need every character I can get I am a very verbose individual!

*Erhem* Incidentally, I got the mistranslation info off of Wikipedia, so if it turns out that's totally and completely wrong, I apologize. That said, the latin was supposedly "petitio principii", and a more proper translation is allegedly "assuming the initial point".