Comic for Monday, Mar 28, 2016


Posted March 28, 2016 at 1:01 am

This was originally going to be the first comic of Grace actually playing the game. Note how it cleverly fails to mention that Grace is a Courier who was hired to deliver that chip, and how it expects everyone to just be familiar enough with the game to know that already.


One reason I wanted to draw chibi style for Grace's adventures in the post apocalypse is that I'm trying to loosen up a little with drawing. With chibi, you have to cheat. You have to go off model. My brain wants to fight it.
At the same time, the characters are supposed to look a certain way and have a consistency. It's a good mix for me to play with.
The fact that female characters (with the right perk) can flirt with the guy who shot them is the closest thing to a big plot spoiler I’ll be unleashing upon a general public, and even that doesn’t explain that guy’s motivations, goals, why the chip matters, what ultimately can happen with him, or anything else considerably major in my opinion.
Heck, I’m not even spoiling character designs, as evidenced by my version of the doctor who patches up The Courier. The real Doc Mitchell wishes he had that mustache.