Comic for Friday, Aug 28, 2015


Posted August 28, 2015 at 9:30 am

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- "I am in search of Avalon"

Today is a day in which many readers have earned "called it" cookies (or treat of their choosing). Give yourself a bonus treat if, in addition to predicting that the cloaked figure was a griffin, you predicted that it was a DIFFERENT griffin than the one Elliot met.

If you predicted the different griffin was looking for her wife, consider work as a psychic detective.

Speaking of being a different griffin, I wanted it to be as immediately clear as possible that this was a different griffin, which is half the reason this griffin has a tiger pattern to her. The other half is that tigers are rad.

One of the reasons I found myself so on board with the cloaked figure idea was because the thought of a griffen concealed in such a way made me think of Ring Wraiths from The Lord of The Rings. Those guys were super creepy looking, and I figured that sort of thing combined with the body of a griffin would add an extra layer of strangeness.