Comic for Wednesday, Jul 10, 2002


Posted July 10, 2002 at 1:00 am

 Present me would like to apologize for past me's over-reliance on narration text. The past me responsible has been sacked, and...

Wait a minute. Oh no! Time paradox! This means the comic never made it past this update, and



WHOA! Um, I'm not sure what just happened. I was just typing and everything got sorta loopy. It kinda felt like the universe was correcting itself after some manner of time paradox. I've been through a few of those, what with all the times I've played Chrono Trigger and Timesplitters.

Oh! Panel three. Don't give cats yarn. It can be seriously dangerous if they eat it. It's a common trope for them to play with it and it's something that's basically ingrained into my mind, but don't actually do it. Get them mouse toys. They'll like those.

Also worth noting: The demonic duck is "demonic" in appearance, but not an actual demon. Just saying. I'd go back and fire past me for simplying writing "demon duck", but I have the oddest feelings that wouldn't end well.

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