Comic for Thursday, Jul 11, 2002


Posted July 11, 2002 at 1:00 am

 It clearly took some time for past me to accept that he generally couldn't get away with three panel comcs anymore.

I would say this bit of recappery was 100% unnecessary, but it does address where Elliot's parent believe he is, and I wouldn't blame anyone who skipped over that huge wall of text from a few comics before, so... Yeah, this is fine.

That said, I have trouble believing Elliot's parents needed much convincing, and had Elliot told them the truth, I would not be all that shocked if they were to provide tips for successful undetected entry.

THAT that said, a lot of stories never explain where kids parents think they are. I think it's something people just accept these days as an unimportant detail in a lot of fiction.

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