Comic for Monday, Dec 31, 2012


Posted December 31, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Insights into Elliot's dining habits via Tedd's expectations regarding Ellen's dining habits and how they are similar to his (Seriously)
- "Eat wherever I want to eat"

AND WE'RE BACK! Woo! New comics! Yeah! Hello, every--Hey... Where is everyone? Aren't the holidays over?

Oh. Right. New Years Eve. Everybody but us introverts are out partying right now and won't be among the rational thinking until sometime late Tuesday.

Well, ah... HAPPY HOLIDAYS! That's not controversial to say at this point, right? What with Christmas being over? Or is it more appropriate to say "Happy HoliDAY"? I'm not sure if there's any more overlap... Oh, whatever.