Comic for Thursday, Sep 27, 2012


Posted September 27, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Justin was forced to discard his hand when Skreevos damaged him

Part of the argument for the Machete Order for Star Wars is that it actually gives additional context for character moments in Return of the Jedi and, arguably, makes that movie better. It also keeps big reveals intact while almost making an edit made at the end of RotJ make sense. Almost. It'll make enough sense that the end of it won't leave someone new to the series utterly baffled.

Of course, the Machete order does nothing to fix the travesty of Greedo shooting first, which is done so comically that I can't imagine anyone taking it seriously. I'd be curious to know what people who saw that scene for the first time without knowing it had been changed.

In any case, my solution is to point out a demonic duck right when the shooting is about to happen, then telling the Star Wars newbie that Han just shot the dude. If they ask why they heard two shots, point out another duck.