Comic for Friday, Aug 31, 2012


Posted August 31, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Oh, how different could it--oh. Right
- Noooooo~!

I must confess, I find it more annoying than funny at this point when people act so very shocked that I haven't seen a movie. "How have you not seen it?!" What do you mean? It's a movie. I didn't watch it. My life experience hasn't been identical to yours. I did other things. It's not a big mystery, it's not terribly shocking, close your damn dropped jaw.

...Where am I? Sorry, I sort of gave in to the dark side there for a second.

Nonetheless, I consider some movies to be worth watching for no other justification than "I will finally get it when people say ______". I had heard numerous quotes from The Princess Bride prior to seeing it, and being given the proper context for those quotes alone was worth seeing it. That, and the movie was pretty neat.