Comic for Friday, Aug 17, 2012


Posted August 17, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Susan's core speech
- Midichlorians

For those of you who mistakenly assumed that this particular comic update wasn't all that nerdy, this comic references The Matrix ("whoa"), Star Wars (midichlorians), and Star Trek ((warp) core breach). Granted, I hadn't planned on referencing The Matrix, but the instant I wrote "whoa" in the script, all I could see was green text scrolling on black.

What's funny is that an episode of Futurama debuted this same week that also referenced The Matrix, and I wasn't aware of that until I had it on while I was working on the "whoa" panel. The coincidence made me say "whoa" all over again, and then I got déjà vu and had to kung fu fight some guys.