Comic for Wednesday, Jun 13, 2012


Posted June 13, 2012 at 1:00 am
- Ugly cousin!
- "...Magic was apparently making me stronger

The day before I made this comic, someone on Twitter told me they'd been waiting for Tedd to wear his glasses again. Knowing full well that Tedd would be wearing the glasses in this comic, I of course told them in my reply that Tedd would never wear the glasses again.

While the whole "magic affects physiology" dealie is a plot point of some significance (anywhere from "mild" to "oh snap"), Tedd's suggestion that it might be responsible for Nanase's huge tracts of land is something of a meta joke. It's actually somewhat common for people to comment on and/or ask for an explanation for the size of Nanase's chest given her athleticism.

Given genetics and varying body types, it's really not the sort of question that needed any further answers, but hey, people asked! Enjoy your inconclusive possible explanation.