Comic for Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021


Posted February 9, 2021 at 8:16 pm

This is true. I'm planning a storyline that will give me a chance to poke fun at courtroom dramas, mystery shows, and ace attorneys, some of which I already have written.

I'm nowhere near ready to jump into that, however, so I needed something do in the meantime, and it needed to be something that could be kept simple.

SO BAM! A Q&A in which ONLY wrong answers will be given! Simplicity itself!

First thing I did was update the designs of three characters (George is basically unchanged), draw my avatar with an absurd figure and outfit (and applied an over-the-top gradient to a speech bubble to cover up less), further experimented with my inking process in a way that totally paid off but nonetheless took additional time, and wound up sharing it more than twenty hours later than would be considered ideal.


Anyway, easiest way to ask questions is Twitter, keeping in mind that the whole idea here is that nothing is going to be answered accurately.