Comic for Saturday, Feb 6, 2021


Posted February 6, 2021 at 2:36 am

This MIGHT conclude Parable? It depends on whether there are more questions asked that I want to answer in-comic. I know what storyline I want to do next, but ye gods, I'm still planning it, and there's a lot to plan, so either I'm answering more Parable questions next, or I'm doing assorted standalone nonsense for a bit.

Or impromptu mini-Q&A separate from Parable? PLAYING THINGS BY EAR (right up until I'm not).


The fact that Jay had been assigned a role, and hadn't actually orchestrated a plan to gather data on Grace through dreams, was implied by the story itself. This is literally strip #219 in said story, however, and it was implied rather than outright said, and I wanted it outright said that she had been assigned a role.

A role that reflected her desires, but NUANCE! It IS worth noting that she wasn't entirely of clear mind at times during this!

Morphing Verres

I wanted to clarify the above points, and to draw Mr. Verres transforming into that form, because of course I did.

Granted, I'm not 100% satisfied with it, and this is mostly because I somehow underestimated just how much space the text would take up. I might have to revisit such a sequence in a less limiting situation.

To be clear, I do like it. It's just my standards for what I wanted from it all the way up HERE (hand high above my head), and I managed around here (hand around the middle of my face).

Ironically, I added even more text to help fill up space. The amount of text that existed without additional text was just enough to limit visuals while not being enough to fill the panels, somewhat paradoxically making the most logical solution MORE TEXT!

That said, that "more text" included the question of who's dreaming this, which I can't imagine not being included now.