Comic for Tuesday, Jul 6, 2021


Posted July 6, 2021 at 12:00 am

I'm not entirely sure how I wound up on the goose outfit, but there it is.

It exists now.


It's the sort of thing that makes me wonder if I'd be willing to wear it in Skyrim just for infinite sprinting and getting to high places.

This comic was mostly delayed because I was terribly behind at sleep and falling asleep at the drawing tablet, but I had also originally imagined much simpler outfits with only minor details to differentiate them, and simpler poses.

But then I decided to do the middle panel first, and I wanted Ashley to be jumping. Fine. Easy.

Then I decided I wanted to show her feet. Okay, so I have to zoom out more.

Motion lines? Um, okay, I'm not the best at those, and... Wait, what did I just decide to do with her outfit?

Things escalated quickly, is what I'm typing.