Comic for Thursday, Jul 8, 2021


Posted July 8, 2021 at 12:00 am

I could take MASSIVE OFFENSE to people doubting my extensive goose-knowledge, but I will instead celebrate that I got to make what I think is a good comic with only one drawing of Tedd, AND the idea for the NEXT comic. HUZZAH!

And seriously, thank you. This gave me an opportunity to work ahead on so many other things.

But yeah, geese are not to be messed with. I just thought a honking outfit with such weird effects would be funny, and wasn't considering what actual geese would be like beyond the sound, the fear effect (acknowledgement of their danger!), and how some people seem to really, really not like geese (the aggression).

I assume that aggression is mostly from gaggles of geese on the road. Speaking of which, "gaggle" supposedly only applies to geese on the ground, and was not something I knew before checking.

I wanted to know if "flock" was actually correct, and I guess it's not (a skein, a team, or a wedge if flying, and... a PLUMP if close together?! Wikipedia, are you messing with me?!), but I'm going to say "flock" anyway if I see a bunch of geese flying around.

The goose tongue thing is something I tend to forget about until reminded, and then I count the days until I forget again. Unfortunately, this comic is going to make forgetting about that again take much, much longer, and I'll randomly be reminded of it again whenever I see it.

And finally, my knowledge of rabbits apparently needs to be brushed up on, because I drew pads on the rabbit shoes, and rabbits apparently don't have those? Or if they do, they're covered in fur anyway, at which point I'm not sure they count.