Comic for Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019


Posted October 9, 2019 at 11:48 pm

I had severe writer's block prior to making this comic, which is clear evidence that I was distracted by other matters, because this is perhaps the most obvious commentary one could make on Fable 2.

You will gain fans, and they will just start following you around in towns. They'll block your path, say nonsense, ask for autographs, insist you do something specific so they'll give you a gift (up to and including making them dislike you, because that's what they're in to I guess), and it's incredibly annoying.

Not to sound aristocratic, but please leave me alone you filthy NPC peasants, I have land to buy.

I wound up with a lot of NPCs finding me scary, because I didn't know how else to make them go away. They also wound up finding me scary because I like Bethesda open world RPG games, and in those games, you open the menu with the button that's for magic in Fable 2, and, ah, muscle memory makes randomly casting scary magic fools of us all.

There's also the idea of NPCs falling in love with you, whom you can then marry and even have kids with. There's nothing particularly special about any given NPC you can marry, however, so I never really saw the point.

It is true that a lot of clothing included an "attractiveness" value, and the effects could be ridiculous. I did this one quest where part of the goal was to seduce someone, and he fell madly in love right away and asked me to marry them. My options were then to marry him, or brutally humiliate him with a letter that mocked him with harsh claims that I was never interested in him.

Because Fable.

Anyway, I didn't want to marry him, so I went with the brutal humiliation. I felt there should've been a third option, there, but given that there wasn't, and I'd literally only just met the guy, I don't feel that bad about it.

Well, that, and they're bits of code in a video game with minimal defining characteristics given to them via the writing, BUT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO LOSE YOURSELF IN THE ROLE, DARN IT, AND WE'D JUST MET.