Comic for Friday, Oct 11, 2019


Posted October 11, 2019 at 4:28 pm

I mean, we COULD keep true to the inspiration and keep all the NPCs generic and such, but gosh darn it, the point's been made. Why shackle ourselves to it?

(Everyone please ignore that we've already seen a bandit have unique stuff to say, and Diane and Rhea roleplaying for their Cheers fan club)

As for "superficial" matters, yeah, I, um... I never found any of the NPCs in Fable games all that appealing. Which is superficial, I know, but lacking in depth and being generic NPCs, superficial nonsense and projecting at maximum "make your own fun" roleplay power was all left to one if trying to find reasons to care about them.

Meanwhile, if Fallout 3 had romance options and Moira Brown was available, yes, that's a thing that would happen. I already imagine my character hanging out with her all the time, because she's Moira, and she's the best.

Point being, if there's going to be romance options, the options really should have character.