Comic for Monday, Oct 7, 2019


Posted October 7, 2019 at 8:18 pm


That note at the bottom is entirely to keep my own mind from violently rejecting this as being something Susan wrote.

Not because of any particular sentiment in it, it IS Susan approved, but... Well, just read it. I'm not sure Susan is physically capable of writing a non-sarcastic "hooray".


This is basically what you can do in Fable 2 if you want to get a bunch of properties while also keeping your purity up, though I don't think there's any in-game reason to go back and lower rent for absolutely everyone once you won't notice the difference anymore.

And "by notice the difference", I mean never not having enough gold to buy what's needed, up to and including any remaining properties. There's a cut off point where it's just "yep. The numbers are bigger, but it doesn't actually matter at this point".

What I find oddest about the economy in the game is that this isn't some trick or exploit. It's just the most natural way to accumulate gold in the game. Heck, it's even easier if you don't mind corruption, which, um... Please don't take as a life lesson. You'll attract flies.