Comic for Friday, Oct 4, 2019


Posted October 4, 2019 at 12:00 am

Susan's outfit in the last panel is inspired by none other than Scrooge McDuck, though there are, of course, key differences. That said, Scrooge should consider a rad cape like that.

Such an outfit is on point for this parody, the equivalent in-game being "noble" clothing.

Any Minute Now...

Actual Non-Player Characters in games tend to be much more patient than this fellow about having to wait, being perfectly fine with you doing whatever for in-game months or years while they wait.

Unless you're playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Seriously, if you play that, and someone says "hurry up, there are hostages", IT MEANS IT. GET TO THE CHOPPER ASAP.

It's Actually Quite Clever, Thank You

It was my intent to not simply mirror and move around one house a bit to give the illusion of different houses, but the background of the first panel took a bit, and I felt the clock staring at me.

I mean, I think it works fine as is, but oh, the shame, the shame of it all...!

Anyway, this is the part where I claim that chibi style is the equivalent of 16-bit era games, and that the reuse of sprites is a clever nod, and everyone should be clapping.