Comic for Thursday, Dec 30, 2021


Posted December 30, 2021 at 12:00 am

I liked the idea of guys being excited about Grace's clarity, and "women are confusing" is the sort of thing I've heard plenty of men express, but that left a not cool elephant in the room.

Regardless of their coolness, however, I like pointing out elephants, and Ellen had stuff to say on some reasons why some gender-oriented communication issues are encouraged by societal norms.

SOME reasons. There's a lot more she could have said if given the panel space. It's a pretty complicated topic, which I'm sure is a shocking revelation to everyone.

Incidentally, while I have heard plenty of men express that women are confusing, I've also heard plenty of women say men are confusing. I've also heard men say men are confusing, women say women are confusing, etc.

I think we all might just be confusing.