Comic for Monday, Aug 20, 2018


Posted August 20, 2018 at 1:00 am

The thought process that lead to this:

"Greg is clearly the hotness. Justin should notice this.

But wait, is that weird? I haven't established Greg's age, but it's gotta be at least late twenties, and he was Justin's teacher! Sure, it wouldn't be at all strange for Justin to think Greg is attractive, but it could still be awkward given that context.

BUT WAIT AGAIN! This is an entirely different reality! That context doesn't even really apply! I could even make Greg younger!

BUT WAIT EVEN MORE! How do I subtly establish this and make everything 100% not at all weird or awkward whatsoever?"

This was the best I could think of, and I think we can all agree, I nailed it.


I've started making EGS:NP comics a little bit bigger! Proportionately, they're the same, but they're 50 pixels wider, so yay. Resizing every past comic would take ages, so I'm not sure if/when on that, but I did make every Grace-A-Monsters! comic the new larger size.

...And briefly re-introduced some mistakes I'd already fixed, like word balloons pointing at the wrong person, due to behind the scenes wibbliness, but that should all be sorted now.