Comic for Friday, Aug 17, 2018


Posted August 17, 2018 at 1:00 am

- Greg foreshadowed!

Too many people interpreted the Grace-A-Monster versions of Sarah and Diane as just pals. I could not let that stand.

I nearly had Justin encounter Greg immediately after getting out of the water, but decided I should have him encounter Diane and Sarah first.

One of the reasons that nearly happened was that I was listening to a rad playlist that was just too hype, and it was while listening to that that I designed this four-armed Grace and was on the verge of basically turning this storyline into an action anime.

Then I remembered "oh, right, I had this thing I wanted to do with Sarah and Diane that lasts a few comics. I really should do that first."


This... Grachamp? Whatever. I designed four-armed Grace with consideration for what it would take for four arms to be physically possible, meaning she does have a second set of pecs and some other other duplicate torso muscles.

That may have been overthinking things, but I prefer it to just slapping a second set of arms on her and calling it a day. It's still a bit strange, and I'm not sure it would actually work, but I'm pretty happy with it in this context.

As for the tails... Four arms, two tails. I don't know why anyone would question it.


Yes. Yes to Greg.

Naga Grace

After the previous comic, a lot of people informed me that, in the Aladdin cartoon, Princess Jasmine actually became a naga (half-snake) at one point in the animated series.

I don't know if I ever saw that episode. I was a big fan of Aladdin, but I don't recall watching the series much. All I know for certain is I wasn't still watching Aladdin cartoons when the third home movie came out, as I never saw that.

If I did see that episode, however, I clearly forgot it. I'm betting the writers were similarly inspired by Jasmine's hair being similar to a cobra's hood, however, making it less coincidence and more minds thinking alike.